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“A goal properly set, is halfway reached.”

We all say, think and feel it… half way through the year already!? You may be feeling that this is your year! Or you maybe moving through the motions and wondering where the time has gone… but time only gets away from us if we allow it.  Time will never freeze for us but the moment is always ours. How we let it pass is our choice. Waste the current moment and waste time, cease every moment and enhance the time that awaits you! How are you going to look back on the last 6 months of 2018? It’s never too late for goal setting.

Your VL Guide

All you need to know about the latest essential looks, products, launches and where your hair myths are busted!


Find out what Talia is loving in the world of makeup when it comes to products, trends and her handy hints&tips.


Gerard is your go to when it comes to gossip! Keep up to date with what is hot in Hobart when it comes to events, people, places and what we do best here in Hobart… food!

Salon Chat

Find out what has been happening in the lives of our stylist’s, the many great things our client’s are doing and what we are loving and feeling inspired by!

Issue 4

The Vanadium Loop

Welcome to winter Hobart!


The temperature may be dropping outside, but Hobart City is on fire with the opening the Icon Complex, H&M, Alceme Urban Retreat (My absolute fav!!!) and with many more speciality shops on their way to us.


At the Vanadium Lounge we have also turned up the heat with mammoth efforts invested into revamping our salon. “Oh wow” seems to be the common response, to which we are delighted. New chairs, massage lounges and opening up the space has made such an enormous difference to the look, feel, functionality and practicality of the salon. Just some paint on the walls and the addition of a bit of greenery and out little salon will be complete.


We have also been super busy re- educating and reinventing ourselves, honouring our commitment to continued improvements and education Bridie and myself attended part 1 of 2018 progressive hairdresser conference in Brisbane at the beginning of May where we were privileged to attend a two day even with global marketing & branding specialists Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan from the impossible Institute. I’ve attended many a business conference over the past 20 years, yet these guys really had me thinking and revisiting how and why we operate the way we do, what can we do better and why should those who share our values visit us. Bridie and I have been continually brainstorming ways to creatively improve what we offer in an endeavour to remain at the forefront of our industry and provide a destination and experience to all that choose to be part of The Vanadium Lounge family.


In other exciting news we have a new edition to the family starting Tuesday 4th June. Rebecca AKA Bec is joining us as a first year apprentice and Cat has completed her Diploma of Leadership and Management.


This year is all about giving back, gratitude and making a difference. We are so very blessed to have shared success along our journey and I feel its ever so important to never take anything for granted and find gratitude in not just the big rewards but also the small ones. Coming into the winter months we are fortunate to have our health, warm clothing, food in bellies and a home to go home to each night where loved ones await (most of the time). Others are not so fortunate so we continue to supply food and clothing to Uniting so they can provide emergency relief to those who need it most. Our fury friends also need a little helping hand so we have also supported Pets in the Park (see more info below) and of course the Kids. Give me 5 4 kids is another fantastic cause that we continue to support each year. This year we have a table at the Fire & Ice Ball as well as donating equipment, products and vouchers. This event raises in excess of $35k, giving me goose bumps and tears in my eyes as I know the incredible difference this makes in a families world who are dealing with extremely ill children and the impact it has on their entire family. I’ll also be partaking in a 3 hour spin/cycle at All Aerobics, an event to raise additional funds for this cause. For the ladies we are attending High Tea for hope to raise awareness for ovarian cancer, this support service offers counselling for those affected directly as well as their families. For more information visit Finally we have donated to Rainbow for Rosie and Jenina’s Dance workshop to provide opportunity to kids and a little helping hand to the parents who work so very hard to provide opportunity to their children.


Finally I do hope all are safe and well and thank each and every one of you personally for taking the time to sit and read and support myself and my beautiful team as without you guys I couldn’t create the difference and opportunities to others that is truly a passion of mine. I am truly grateful.


Ali x

Your VL Guide
All you need to know in one space, simply.

With trends launching on the other side of our hemisphere we often find ourselves waiting for the “current” season to hit our shores with the appropriate temperature and atmosphere to explore these trends! However, we are always one step ahead of you at The Vanadium Lounge when it comes to what’s trending. So here’s a little secret… we already know what’s on the radar for spring/summer 2018! But what would be the fun in sharing that with you right now as we are saying goodbye to our beautiful sunshine? We love anticipation and excitement. So much so that one of the up and coming spring/summer 2018 looks is too exciting to hold onto until then. Plus, we believe us Hobartians can rock this look early. Winter is coming… but our hair has never been hotter.

Trending this season… is a flash back over the years of style and creativity over Schwarzkopf professional’s essential looks collections. This collection is not only inspired by the current throwback fashion movement. As Schwarzkopf Professional celebrate 120 years of innovation, creativity, colour and forward thinking it only makes sense for the Autumn/Winter collection to be IKONIC.


Introducing the trends that have made it back for this Autumn/Winter collection… PLUS A BONUS SNEAK PEAK INTO THE SPRING/SUMMER COLLECTION 2018!

Glamorous reality collection 2005

STARLET is inspired by icons such as Monroe, Clara Bow and Grace Kelly and their effortless glamour.

111 Years Collection 2009

OUT OF SHAPE was inspired by the music scene at the time of punk and electronica in fitting with these new wave vibes.

Catwalk To Salon Collection 2012

NEO COUTURE was inspired by the dark side dominating a black colour palette with sharp lines. It screams intensity and power.

Colour Buzz Collection 2013

ELECTRIC YOUTH was inspired by the cool kids who never want to ‘fit in’. The bright colours, contrasting shape and length emit energy of Punk and Grunge.

Modern Style Collection 2015
ROK CHIK the trend that never dies was inspired by the wild side personality of adventure, boldness, yet using feminine tones of colour to capture the CHIK.

Modern Style Collection 2015
HIPPI GLAM was inspired by the 1970’s which we can see is most definitely back in the world of fashion. Sun-kissed subtle colours compliment free-flowing hair and simple loose braids and relaxed up-dos.

Made To Create Collection 2016

URBAN SPORTS was created to accustom our fast paced lifestyle and to complement our ‘active wear kits’ which have never looked so good! The strong colour direction and lightness of the short style cut reflects those post work out endorphins!

Modern Ikon Collection 2017

OPULENT was inspired by the 1950’s old school glamour and is our most recent of the collections which dives back into the times. The look is made up of gorgeous curls and uses rich shades inspired by artists of the renaissance yet softened to fit with modern times


Schwarzkopf Professional have handed over their Igora Royal colour portfolio to the world’s top digital influences to create a POWER COLAB which has produced AMAZING, REinvented red and nude tones. This coloab goes by the name of #royaltake over and we cannot wait to get our hands on these shades. Who’s ready to play colour!?

2018 Colour Forecast

A new year brings to us a new colour forecasted by Pantone Colour Institute. This forecast takes us past the storms, through the clouds and in to the light of the greater galaxy. This shade is dramatic in symbolizing non-conformity and brings our awareness to the greater things around us. Fueling our creativity, potential and explorative natures this year’s colour forecast inspires us to pursue all desires and question the unknown.

Product… if only there was one that did everything we asked, sculpted every look we wanted and tamed all of our manes. There are endless amounts of products out there for us to access. They claim that they can do all sorts making it understandably overwhelming to pick the right one for your needs. So much so that your own bathroom cupboard becomes overwhelming to look at! We like to break it down for you and educate you honestly about our products. Here is our favourite product for this season.

Introducing….. Volume Up!

 This product is a popular one for all stylists at The Vanadium Lounge as it is often not on the product shelf but in use on someone’s trolley (#hairdresserproblems) ! Volume up is an instant volume booster spray. It has an epic hold and creates amazing texture which works for desired looks of grunge or soft movement. With big big hair making a comeback this can is sure to be getting a workout. It is a must have everyday product giving you multiple opportunities for styles and looks to create at home.

Never be afraid to ask about further education when it comes to product…We have your back!

Latest Launches…


Too good to be true we say! But once again Schwarzkopf Professional have exceed and advanced hair care technology to ensure your colour is long lasting and shinier than ever between your colour appointments. New studies have discovered that optimal shine and hair condition is maintained with the hairs perfect pH level of 4.5. This is why the new BC Colour Freeze range has incorporated pH 4.5 balancer technology. The new range not only seals the hair cuticle to hold colour pigment but tightens the hair’s inner matrix to lock the colour pigments deep within the hair strand. This allows peace of mind when washing and styling hair with heat knowing your colour is frozen tight within your strand!

For the best BC Colour Freeze results, pick your desired shade from the Igora Royal colour range!

Coming soon…..

We will be sure to continue to keep you updated on the arrival of…


Myth Busters

Quote: “Henna hair colour is better for your hair condition than normal hair colours”.

This myth is a tricky one as it depends on your colour situation and desired results. So here are the pros and cons of Henna:


  • Henna works as a hair varnish therefore does not penetrate the hair cuticle and change the hair structure. It simply “stains the hair” and is not damaging to the structure of the hair.
  • It is chemical free


  • It has to be left on the scalp for a very long processing time for full colour results
  • It does not give you an even colour if your hair already has colour variation
  • It reacts to other hair colours, therefore if you are unhappy with your result it is difficult to fix and damaging to the hair.


Exciting times ahead!

I am so excited to announce that I will be moving to Melbourne in July to commence my Certificate IV in Screen & Media at the Academy of Makeup! Over 8 months I will be learning about the following:

Beauty basics, beauty fundamentals, products/tools & equipment, essential eye technique, face charts, beauty makeup, fashion catwalk runway, fashion photographic editorial, high definition film, tv and photographic media, specialized/cultural theatre, oriental, maori tattoo design, hair/wig styling, airbrush industry technique and industry knowledge studio and set etiquette.

I can’t wait to share my journey with you along the duration of my course!

The product I am LOVING at the moment is the NARS “WANTED I” Cheek palette. Including 5 gorgeous matte blushes and 1 shimmery blush. The perfect palette for a makeup artist, with shades to suit multiple skin tones.

Retails for $86.00

with Gerard

“There is lots of movement among our favourite clothing stores with several new ones added. I’ve noticed a similar trend in eateries and watering holes as well”.

No Need to Hibernate this Winter!

June 7th-10th – Rug up, come out and celebrate the Deep Dark South pre-lude.

June 15th-24th – Dark MOFO

June 29th- July 15th – It’s time to warm up those vocal chords for Festival of Voices.

August 2nd- 5th – Australian Arctic Festival. Where else could you paint a penguin?

Salon Chat

Our World
Our Team Highlights!

Stylist Cat: I have been doing what I love and working away in the salon.
Stylist Bridie: I attended the Schwarzkopf Professional Ph Cub REinvent yourself conference in Brisbane. I left feeling very motivated and inspired!

Our Community:



Pets In The Park is a registered charity, run almost entirely by volunteers, who care for pets of people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. It is recognised as the only national organisation focused completely on making a difference to both animals and people who are experiencing homelessness.


Many people who are experiencing homelessness own companion animals that play a significant role in their lives. These much loved pets offer unconditional love, emotional support, companionship and security; basic human needs that are often not met elsewhere. Access to free monthly pet health clinics helps to reduce the financial burden of pet ownership, which helps both pet and owner.


In 2009, Dr Mark Westman, one of the founding Directors of PITP took a fold up table and an esky of vaccinations and started free veterinary checks for homeless clients at a Stepping Stone Community Soup Kitchen in Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills, New South Wales. Since then, Pets In the Park has grown to include a clinic in Parramatta, NSW, one in Brisbane, two in Melbourne, one in Canberra and most recently, one in Hobart.


Hobart clinics are held at Mathers House, Bathurst Street, on the first Saturday of every month between 1.30pm and 3.30pm. Access to the clinic is by referral from a social service provider such as Salvation Army, BaptCare, and Hobart City Mission. Working in partnership with established providers promotes access to invaluable social service support, which helps PITP in aiming to make a difference to both animals and people who are experiencing homelessness.


Pets are given a health check, vaccinations, worm treatment and are microchipped if necessary.  In between clinics, we provide free de-sexing for our client’s pets. Clinics importantly provide emotional and educational support to owners, with practical help to care for their pets in a social and friendly environment.


Pets in the Park is a registered charity with DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status and a not for profit organisation delivering all of its services without reliance of  Government support. We are dependent on the support of our dedicated team of amazing volunteers including veterinarians, veterinary nurses, administration staff, and the generosity of public donations, sponsorship and corporate partners.  It is this generosity which allows us to continue caring for the pets belonging to those in our community who are vulnerable and need our help.


To find out more about what we do, check out our website here

Find us on FB here

Help us by making a donation to Pets In The Park TAS here.


We thank you for your support.

Uniting Emergency Relief Update

The Relief is still currently in desperate need of non-perishable food items. Also with the colder season beginning to hit us items which provide warmth are welcomed such as blankets, sleeping bags, jackets, jumpers, scarves, beanies, gloves.

Thank You in advanced for supporting the Emergency Relief center and us.

Below is from Janice – Emergency Relief Officer
Uniting’s Emergency Relief (ER) is the provision of assistance to people in need. It consists of the provision of financial and material aid to meet an immediate need and a referral service link to people with specialist community services. Multiple misfortunes can sometimes contribute to a crisis that leads to financial stress and assistance is usually provided through:

  • Financial and/or material aid to meet an immediate need e.g. this could include food vouchers, assistance with utility bills, food parcels, clothing or household goods, toiletries and blankets.
  • A service which assists people to identify the options available to them in response to their needs.

Our program offers direct assistance to people with dignity and compassion, while encouraging strategies towards self-reliance and resilience through referrals and budgeting. We can assist people in the areas of Kingston, Huon, Cygnet, Hobart City and Bridgewater/Gagebrooke.

What we’re Talkin’ bout (and loving):

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”. Yes, yes it does! Not only is the Vanadium team vibing, the community building around us is too! That is why we are so excited about the new Urban Retreat which has opened in Victoria Street (so close!) called Alceme. The absolutely beautiful building of bliss contains three stories consisting of The Kitchen (yet to open-1st floor) which will be a hot spot to fuel our bodies with health! The Hall (up and running-2nd floor) where a timetable of various yoga, ballet and meditations classes is run. The Spa (yet to open- 3rd floor) where various treatments will be on offer! Our experience in the Hall so far has been amazing and we have enjoyed every flow, breath and mind bliss experienced. The staff are professional, kind, skill full and hold great knowledge in their areas of work.

If you have not already checked out Alceme, we can not recommened you do so enough! How lucky we are for Hobart to have it’s very own Urban Retreat. We welcome you Alceme and are so very excited for you!