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“You can’t control the world, but you can control how you react to it”.
We are well past the half way mark of this year. Any intentions or goals we made for 2017 are possibly still in the works, have been achieved, failed or forgotten. We all make perfect plans but no matter how well our plans are in place we can never control the world around us. Always remember to take a breath when your control is lost and most importantly turn your mind set from a negative thought reaction into a positive one. A situation is only as bad or as good as our thoughts!

Your VL Guide

All you need to know about the latest essential looks, products, launches and where your hair myths are busted!


Find out what Talia is loving in the world of makeup when it comes to products, trends and her handy hints&tips.


Gerard is your go to when it comes to gossip! Keep up to date with what is hot in Hobart when it comes to events, people, places and what we do best here in Hobart… food!

Salon Chat

Find out what has been happening in the lives of our stylist’s, the many great things our client’s are doing and what we are loving and feeling inspired by!

Issue 1

The Vanadium Loop

WELCOME to the first of many issues of “The Vanadium Loop”

Well it’s apparent that both myself and Vanadium have completed a full loop, the universe returning my shop to me in August last year. Initially, with some trepidation, to be honest, I jump back into the driver’s seat and it wasn’t long before the team and I are planning the future. Prospectuses are written, policy, procedures & operational systems are reviewed. We reset our salon fundamentals and values and I regroup with my salon babies (Cat & Bridie) making sure they’re on the straight and narrow and begin working with them to plan sensational lives and careers for themselves. While Mel shares herself between motherhood and new adventures we are still lucky to have her available on Saturdays by appointment. We’ve introduced both Suze and Gerard into our team, both bringing unique skill, diversity, and experience. Bulging at the seams our little salon is at capacity as our guests continue to return and our enthusiasm and excitement around our future builds.

I feel extremely grateful for the energy and ‘buzz’ that’s manifesting away in a little shop, a sign of the exciting adventures ahead for the VL team.

In such a short period of time, we’ve achieved so much both in and away from the salon. While we’ve all experience personal success The Vanadium Lounge was privileged to have made it through to the finals of the TELSTRA BUSINESS AWARDS, an honor that we are all very proud of.

We’ve introduced SMS reminders that, sent out 2 days prior to appointments, hint that your appointment isn’t far away. This has been received with extreme positivity.

New Vanadium Lounge Instagram and Facebook pages have been launched. The easiest way to get insight and remain updated on what we’re up to in and away from the salon. If you haven’t already done so please follow our pages, share us or leave us a comment. Our aim to build a community.

And of course, the launch of our very first “Vanadium Loop” a publication launched with the change of each season that promises to inspire, inform and bring together our beautiful community. Please let us know your thoughts or if you have anything that may be worthy of making it to the pages of the loop.

With all this excitement and new beginnings, I can assure everyone that the team at The Vanadium Lounge are still a dedicated and passionate about delivering exceptional customer service, continued education and remaining at the very forefront of the industry, using and recommending the most technically advanced products available to ensure our loyal guests get only the very best.

A tremendous THANK YOU & GRATITUDE to all

Ali x

Your VL Guide
All you need to know in one space, simply.

Trending this season…

ahhh yes! Spring has sprung along with Schwarzkopf’s latest Essential Looks collection for spring/summer 2017 “Modern Ikon”. As we happily say goodbye to the cold dark days we can greet the warmth with a fun statement from the COLORAMA trend, watch the sunset a little later feeling glamorous styling in OPULENT or own Hobart’s streets and ooze cool with a look from BEAT ICON.



This trend is bound to turn heads. Think vibrant, metallic, colourful and edgy. Clashing colours is not out of the question. There a no limits to colourama when it comes to quirky, rebellious, layering and patter
n combinations as it screams funky attitude loud and clear.




The opulent trend is all class. It embeds timeless glamour and infuses Marilyn Monroe confidents with rich colours, waves and most importantly opulence. It is a modern twist on the 1950’s French Riviera style capital bringing a seductive, sophisticated and contemporary edge.



This trend combines our current all time style icons (#GiGi for one) into a look, which is perfectly imperfect, clean cut and simply elegant. In a time where we have no time, beat ikon is for now. Styling full fringes, textured body and short cuts. This look is coloured in all shades of blonde along with the new trend of smudged roots. A modern take on 90’s grown out bleach.



if only there was one that did everything we asked, sculpted every look we wanted and tamed all of our manes. There are endless amounts of products out there for us to access. They claim that they can do all sorts making it understandably overwhelming to pick the right one for your needs. So much so that your own bathroom cupboard becomes overwhelming to look at! I am sure majority of you reading this are guilty of purchasing a product, using it, then after realizing it did not make your hair grow 10 inches over night as it claimed… you put it to the back of the shelf or cupboard until you come across your next shiny package. Only to be disappointed once again because your curls dropped out after 20minutes when you were expecting 24hr hold!

We like to break it down for you weekly on our social media with our “Product of the Week” post aiming to educate you honestly about our products. Here is our favorite product of the week over the past month.


Introducing….. Dust It!
And the name says it all! This cylinder of magic dust is the ultimate volume booster. Simply sprinkle the dust onto your roots and activate it by plumping your hair with your fingers and bam! Giving you over 24hours of effortless looking hold, your locks have never had greater volume and looked so lushes! Dust it is apart of Schwarzkopf Professional’s Osis (styling) range. It is one of our favourites in the salon as it really does do what it preaches!



Latest launches…

Osis+ Session Label

We have loved testing out the new session label range in the salon. The new range offers more precision and maximum control over all hair types due to its state of the art styling technologies. This new range offers a lot and really does cover all styling desires making it easier for us, your hairdressers to personalize your style and to teach and educate you on how to replicate it at home!


My top product from the new session label range works in perfectly in relation to our favourite “Product of the Week” dust it. This new hair weapon is called Power Cloud – the next generation of powder innovation.

The new high performing powder is packaged in pump form! This allows for easy distribution of the micro fine powder to ensure you’re hitting your targeted area.

This product is great for adding volume and more precise texture to your styles as the powder is so fine it enwraps to each individual hair strand.

To learn all the details of the new session range visit:

Or check it out for yourself in salon!

Myth Busters

 We are here to give everyone a stern talking to this season about our myth buster topic as we have heard a lot of talk about it in the salon and have seen way too much plastering of the new “Condition first and Shampoo last” epidemic!

Claiming to give you greater volume which yes it may, but let us tell you the science behind why this is the effect and why repeating this craze is bound to damage your hair.

The function of shampoo: Shampoo swells our hair strand and opens our cuticle to cleanse and purify any dirt, product and excess oilsfrom the hair.



The function of Conditioner: Conditioner then smoothens and closes the opened cuticle down, sealing off the hair shaft.




What happens when we reverse these functions?

When these functions are reversed you are left with a swollen hair strand with open cuticles. Yes, you may now have a little more volume because your hair is screaming at you for help! But you are also now at an extremely high risk of hair breakage and split ends!


Hi Everyone! I’m Talia! I am 20 years old and an aspiring makeup artist. In the near future, I would love to be at the Academy of makeup in Melbourne studying a Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Makeup Services). But for now, I am sharing my passion on social media with friends, family and on the VL blog!

I’m here to share my favourite little tips, tricks and to generally just share my passion for makeup with you all.

See this little logo,    most of you are probably thinking what is it? Or maybe that you’ve seen it somewhere before but not sure where?

This my friends is…

The little logo on all your beauty products is its expiry date! It starts when you first open the product. The “M” on it symbolises the month. So if you see “6M” on the symbol it means that the product will last up to 6 months. Some products might not have this logo and might simply have a use by date.

Your expired makeup and start to grow bacteria. When the expired makeup comes in contact with your skin, it can start to develop irritation and bumps that look like acne. Nobody wants that right?

Mascara can last up to 2-3 months. The best time to dispose and buy a new one is when it starts to go clumpy/dry.

TIP: To make your mascara last longer make sure you don’t pump the wand in and out of the tube as this pumps air into the tube and can make your mascara dry out quicker.

Foundation usually lasts up to 6-12 months or even longer depending on the brand and formula. When you notice the formula start to separate, change colour or have a strange odor, it’s probably time to toss!

TIP: Keep your makeup out of the sun as the UV rays can destroy preservatives which makes your makeup expire faster.

So this spring clean, be sure to check all of your products expiry dates!



This foundation’s name says it all. It’s a medium to buildable coverage silky liquid
foundation with a gorgeous luminous finish.
Sheer Glow won the foundation category for MECCA’s Beauty Election 2017. This foundation is great for everyday wear as is not too heavy on the skin. Suitable for normal to dry skin.

Nars Sheer Glow retails for $68.00 and is sold in 18 different shades.



Here’s to new beginnings this spring!

with Gerard


Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Coming up…

Inscription and Place – Until the 22nd of October
A poetic exploration of place, family and objects told through contemporary jewelry.

The Derwent – Until the 5th of November
A video and photographic journey documents the complex natural and cultural histories of Tasmania’s Derwent River system.

Strange Trees
From colonial times to present day artists working in Tasmanian land scape have made representations of the trees on our island home.

Circle – Until the 3rd of December
On tour from Newcastle museum is an exhibition showcasing children’s author and artist Jeannie Baker’s latest picture book “Circle”.



 The Museum of Everything Review
This Touring museum of creativity unleashed represents those of us who make art without realising it. It exposes the inherent need for human kind to express the emotions and thoughts with which we respond to our environment in a tangible way; a way that can touch and engage others. In fact, it is a language, which communicates ideas without words, whether the artist/creative is institutionalized, marginalized or lives out the most mundane existence possible. This exhibit is one I need to revisit.



 Pop Café

They may be our neighbors across the road at 178 Collins Street, Hobart but that is not why they are in our favour! Known for their delicious burgers (and hot chips which keep us coming back for more) Pop Café is the perfect place to enjoy breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner if it is quality ingredients and exceptional customer service you are after! Or maybe just a hot beverage to get you through the day or a cold one to end it as they are now serving a small selection of beers, ciders, wine and spirits. Cheers to that!

Salon Chat

Our World

Stylist Ali: I recently attended a yoga/meditation retreat and am now ready to take on the world again!
Stylist Cat: Recently participated in the Tasmaniacs event “Winter Lakes Ride.$5,500 was raised over the weekend and it was donated to the charity “Mates for Mates”. Tasmaniacs have a facebook page for further information.
Stylist Bridie: I am all set for spring as I have planted 32 bottle brushes along my fence line at the block along with two blue berry trees!
Stylist Seuz:
The recent lunar eclipse sure messed people’s energies around
Stylist Gerard:
Most of our gardens have looked confused by our winter weather, sunny days daring the plants to bud and bloom amongst the twigs and withered leaves of last summer. I scratch my head, also confused.


Our Community:

 You can now find our client Annette on air b&b!
“The Cottage” is located at scenic Adventure Bay on Bruny Island. What a perfect place for some time out or a gift for someone who is in need of a quiet island getaway!
Address: 16 Lockelys Rd, Adventure Bay
Phone: 0488655351
Hosts: Annette and Phil


An insight into our self-confessed clean freak client Jayne’s Enjo experience:
I started using Enjo over 15 years ago, and took the step to become an Enjopreneur just over 5 years ago, just before my second child was born.

I am a self-confessed clean freak, and maybe a little OCD!!!!! I love that Enjo gives a clean like no other product out there. The fact that the products are used with just water is amazing, and the products continue to surprise me every day.

I never really thought about the impact that chemicals had on our lives until my second child was born and was diagnosed with Asthma and Eczema. Enjo has changed our lives, and I’m very proud to say that the boys only know how to clean with Enjo and water. Mitch’s skin is almost perfect now, and his asthma has improved more than I could have imagined.

I have been lucky enough to travel with other consultants from around the world to Canada, Austria (the homeland of Enjo), London, Uluru, Queensland, and Perth (the hometown to Enjo Australia). All of these trips have been incredible, with experiences I never thought I would ever have the chance to do, and they were also totally paid for!

Enjo is the 21stcenturay way of cleaning, and it’s so great to see so many people embracing a chemical free life.

Enjo really does save time, money, water, and the environment, and I love sharing that with people.



What we’re Talkin’ bout (and loving):


Sweet Potato Brownies (vegan, gluten free)


  • Ingredients
    2 cups mashed sweet potato
  • 1 cup of almond almond butter
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder (or more for a richer taste)
    ADD honey or rice malt syrup as desired for a sweeter taste
  • Frosting of your choice or…
    1 cup coconut milk
    1 tbsp. cocoa powder
  • Instructions


  1. Pre heat oven to 180 degrees, grease small cake pan (or muffin tin) and set aside
    2. Melt your almond butter in a large bowl then add in mashed sweet potato, cocoa powder and any extras of your choice and mix well
    3. Pour the mixture into your pan and cook for 25 minutes (or until cooked through). Remove from the oven and cool. Once cooled add frosting and place into the fridge for 30 minutes to firm up.


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