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“What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.”

But this is easier said than done. We should never under estimate the power of our mind, so let’s use it. Be aware of your thoughts… train yourself to banish the negative when it creeps in. Raise your vibes and give time to do what makes YOU feel positive in order to attract the positive. Bring your imagination to life, take action. You’re dreams aren’t going to fall into your lap without working hard for them.

Don’t let your new year’s resolutions fall from your grasp… you create your own reality!


Your VL Guide

All you need to know about the latest essential looks, products, launches and where your hair myths are busted!


Find out what Talia is loving in the world of makeup when it comes to products, trends and her handy hints&tips.


Gerard is your go to when it comes to gossip! Keep up to date with what is hot in Hobart when it comes to events, people, places and what we do best here in Hobart… food!

Salon Chat

Find out what has been happening in the lives of our stylist’s, the many great things our client’s are doing and what we are loving and feeling inspired by!

Issue 3

The Vanadium Loop

Our first edition of The Vanadium Loop for 2018 …

With Christmas now being so last year, 2018 kicked off with a super full moon and a glorious summer. Hobart was definitely hip and happening with the city abuzz with excitement & a pleather of events to enjoy.

At TVL our management & creative team are already planning away, gearing up for yet another amazing year of even better service, trends, products, prizes & salon improvements.

With the results of our online poll “Tell us what you really think” in & analysed, we’re hearing you & already onto dealing with lighting, mobile phone interruptions & searching for another great human to join our team. Can I just say a massive THANK YOU to all that took the time to share some constructive feedback with us, as a culture & proactive establishment we all value the honesty as it enables us to continually evolve & provide you with a superior service, experience & destination when you visit TVL.

As a salon 2018’s focus is on education & building, with the aim of growing our team with the addition of apprentices, it goes without saying that our doors are always open for the right person whose values, work ethic & passion for our industry align with ours. So if you do know of a great stylist who could grow & benefit from joining our team please encourage them to shoot us an email or simply pop in, it’s a great space to develop your chosen craft, be part of a family & create a lifestyle.

There is ridiculously exciting GAME CHANGING technology arriving into the country, expected mid-year that we revolutionise how we analyse & treat the hair & scalp, new personalised products & colour shades that push the boundaries even further as to how & what we are able to create. It’s a great time to be a stylist, all thanks to our partnering with the global leaders of the industry Schwarzkopf Professional!!!

Finally a very Happy New Year all, enjoy all that’s to come & thank you for all your continued loyalty & support.

Chat soon

Ali x


Your VL Guide
All you need to know in one space, simply.

Trending this season… is a flash back over the years of style and creativity over Schwarzkopf professional’s essential looks collections. This collection is not only inspired by the current throwback fashion movement. As Schwarzkopf Professional celebrate 120 years of innovation, creativity, colour and forward thinking it only makes sense for the Autumn/Winter collection to be IKONIC.


Introducing the trends that have made it back for this Autumn/Winter collection…

Glamorous reality collection 2005

STARLET is inspired by icons such as Monroe, Clara Bow and Grace Kelly and their effortless glamour.

111 Years Collection 2009

OUT OF SHAPE was inspired by the music scene at the time of punk and electronica in fitting with these new wave vibes.

Catwalk To Salon Collection 2012

NEO COUTURE was inspired by the dark side dominating a black colour palette with sharp lines. It screams intensity and power.

Colour Buzz Collection 2013

ELECTRIC YOUTH was inspired by the cool kids who never want to ‘fit in’. The bright colours, contrasting shape and length emit energy of Punk and Grunge.

Modern Style Collection 2015
ROK CHIK the trend that never dies was inspired by the wild side personality of adventure, boldness, yet using feminine tones of colour to capture the CHIK.

Modern Style Collection 2015
HIPPI GLAM was inspired by the 1970’s which we can see is most definitely back in the world of fashion. Sun-kissed subtle colours compliment free-flowing hair and simple loose braids and relaxed up-dos.

Made To Create Collection 2016

URBAN SPORTS was created to accustom our fast paced lifestyle and to complement our ‘active wear kits’ which have never looked so good! The strong colour direction and lightness of the short style cut reflects those post work out endorphins!

Modern Ikon Collection 2017

OPULENT was inspired by the 1950’s old school glamour and is our most recent of the collections which dives back into the times. The look is made up of gorgeous curls and uses rich shades inspired by artists of the renaissance yet softened to fit with modern times

2018 Colour Forecast

A new year brings to us a new colour forecasted by Pantone Colour Institute. This forecast takes us past the storms, through the clouds and in to the light of the greater galaxy. This shade is dramatic in symbolizing non-conformity and brings our awareness to the greater things around us. Fueling our creativity, potential and explorative natures this year’s colour forecast inspires us to pursue all desires and question the unknown.

Product… if only there was one that did everything we asked, sculpted every look we wanted and tamed all of our manes. There are endless amounts of products out there for us to access. They claim that they can do all sorts making it understandably overwhelming to pick the right one for your needs. So much so that your own bathroom cupboard becomes overwhelming to look at! We like to break it down for you and educate you honestly about our products. Here is our favourite product for this season.

Introducing….. BB Beauty Balm


If you are sad to say goodbye to summer, chances are you made the most of getting outside and soaking up the sunshine! However, the sunshine was soaking up something from you… the moisture in your hair! If your hair is left with the remnants of summer, feeling dry and appearing dull, this one is for you!

BB Beauty balm is a part of the BC range which is known for your haircare. This balm goes further than providing a moisturising care system by adding styling action with extra heat protection. It improves manageability, controls the hair surface, protects from dehydration and adds a healthy looking shine. This is a product we highly recommend for those with curly hair for an all year round must use!
This product is applied to damp hair, work a small amount through. Leave the product in and style to your desire. For hold with heat tools pair this product with one from the Osis Styling range. Re-apply a small amount to dry hair if needed. BB Beauty Balm is suitable for daily use.

Latest Launches…


The new and improved scalp therapy range including products to aid with…

Oily Scalps

Sensitive Scalps 


Hair Loss

The new range includes a new technology known as StemCode Complex which is a range of specific vitamins to form a stress-defying system. It helps to detoxify hair and scalp to protect the bulb of the hair strand.
Let us try to break down the technicalities for you with an overall summary of what such technology and vitamins do…

The new technology finds imbalances of the scalp and instantly counteracts these by rebalancing the scalp and hair to restore its protective barrier.

StemCode Complex with Hydrolyzed Rice Extract and Hydrolyzed Soybean Extract, actively supports the hair´s future growth phase and works with a double action:

  • Action 1: Stem Cell Protection
  • Action 2: Root Protection

The combinations of vitamins help to:

  • Strengthen the hair follicle to prevent the hair from thinning
  • Protect the scalp from external influences
  • Provide moisture to balance the moisture content of hair and scalp
  • Strengthen the hair


Treat yo mama!

We now have BC packs in stock for the perfect mother’s day gift!
(Or get a little more value for money and stock up for yourself!)

Want to pamper your mother that little bit extra like she deserves? Don’t forget we have gift vouchers available so we can do the pampering for you!

And in addition to product news there is something exciting on the horizon…
Coming soon…..


Myth Busters

Quote: “You should towel dry your hair and avoid using heat”.

Big fat FALSE. Please do not exit the shower and vigorously begin rubbing your hair dry with a towel. When your hair is wet it is in its most fragile of stages. Pulling, tugging and rubbing your hair can cause breakage. Yes, blasting your hair with heat isn’t the greatest. But there are better ways to go about it! Always, ALWAYS use a heat protection product in your hair before drying with heat. Use a lower heat on your dryer or hold the dryer 20cm from your hair. Aim the direction of the heat down your hair strand in the same direction your hair cuticle lay to avoid frizz. By smoothing and closing your hair cuticle down you are also preventing splits and breakage throughout your day.



My must have products for 2018:

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation
A 16 hour, lightweight, medium to full coverage, buildable foundation. Comes in over 30 shades.

Retails for $71 AUD at Mecca

Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray
This setting spray will make you slay all day and long into the night.

Retails from $23 AUD at Mecca

Here are some looks that I have created that you’ll find on my instagram.

with Gerard


 To quell the heat try hot or cold drinks made with fresh herbs and fruit plus a dash of pomegranate molasses or a tsp of sour tamarind paste, tabasco or Worcester. Muddle the above with ice (lots) topped with your fave sparkling or mix with hot water.

Remember plastic straws are a big no no for the planet and its inhabitants. Jump to “what we’re talkin’ ‘bout (and lovin’)” to find a way to slurpe your creations guilt free.

Play around with these ingredients:

Mint, basil, rosemary, oregano, coriander leaf and stems, lemon grass, rosemary swizzler, ginger, citrus cheeks; ruby grapefruit, blood orange, lemon, lime, kumquat, watermelon, rock melon, tomato, pear, cucumber, chili.

Have fun with this while the days are still hot enough and long enough or try it warm as we creep towards winter.


 Theatre Royal Picks
April 6th-7th
Oedipus Schmoedipus
April 13th-14th A Tasmanian Requiem

April 13th-14th The Riddle of Washpool Sully
April 24th Bosom Buddies
May 17th Mind How you Go
May 31st Roald Dahl’s – George’s Marvellous Medicine


The Spiegel Tent March 8th– April 1st


Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
On until the 6th of May:

The remarkable Tasmanian Devil audio and visual experience of the natural life of the Tasmania Devil from Prehistory to modern times.


The Museum of Everything until the 2nd of April.


March 17th Relay for Life – An all-night relay event to raise money and awareness for cancer. “Cancer doesn’t sleep, so neither do we”.

March 18th Estia Greek Street Festival, Federal Street North Hobart.

March 18 Healthy Hobart – Jump on your bike and set out on some local tracks for a taster with an experienced guide.

March 25th Bush and Folk dancing from various cultures at Hobart Town Hall. There is a parent and child session also.

March 31st An Easter Family Fun day at Salamanca market. Hop to it from 9:30am

Salon Chat

Our World

Stylist Cat: I went camping at Dee Lagoon!
Stylist Bridie: I have been thoroughly enjoying soaking up all of the sunshine we have been lucky enough to receive this summer!  
Stylist Gerard: I am loving living in my new home in the bush half an hour from the city!

Our Community:

Let Loose Dance Program

#stylistbridie has been busy not only in the salon world! Growing up Bridie was involved in dance and it has found its way back to her by getting the opportunity to teach at Healthy Horizons Gym in aim to get kiddies moving in a fun and encouraging environment without the pressure of competition and performing. With this goal in mind it only made sense to call the dance program “Let Loose” not only physically but for busy little minds too!


“Let Loose provides a positive space where kids are encouraged to be themselves and get moving through dance.

Dance Teacher Bridie Young is excited to once again share her passion for dance with her own community through sessions that are created for enjoyment, not performance. With experience in teaching Jazz and Contemporary Dance, Bridie has enjoyed personally competing both nationally and internationally in Dance and Cheerleading.

Bridie is thrilled to share her enthusiasm towards dancing and movement in a non-judgemental and encouraging environment.

Dance is an amazing opportunity to form friendships, be surrounded by positive energy, forget the world and simply “let loose!”

This program is all about having fun, being creative and learning new skills whilst being active. The class aims to provide an outlet to let go of any negativity or worries, fuelling dancers with positivity and confidence.

Bookings essential as places are limited. Payment for programs will be required upfront to secure your booking.”


For more information Contact Healthy Horizons on: (03) 6265 9404

Broken Image Creative

So… do you like our new website? A big thank you to the team at BROKENIMAGE Creative!
Here’s a little about them –
“BROKENIMAGE Creative is based in Hobart, Tasmania. We’re small, but we are unique. Our skill set, knowledge and eye for detail allow us to be different from the competition – in a fast paced world we live in, marketing, advertising and customer communication is forever changing. We’ve worked on a large range of projects over the years with multiple clients.
We pride ourselves on being different, ahead of the game and finding the best solution for your business. We are content creators, creating is our passion, hobby and full time job. Our skill set speaks true to this, we cover everything from web development to shooting your new TV ad.”

Uniting Emergency Relief Update

The Relief is currently in desperate need of non-perishable food items. Also with the colder season ahead of us items which provide warmth are welcomed such as blankets, sleeping bags, jackets, jumpers, scarves, beanies, gloves.

Thank You in advanced for supporting the Emergency Relief center and us.

Below is from Janice – Emergency Relief Officer
Uniting’s Emergency Relief (ER) is the provision of assistance to people in need. It consists of the provision of financial and material aid to meet an immediate need and a referral service link to people with specialist community services. Multiple misfortunes can sometimes contribute to a crisis that leads to financial stress and assistance is usually provided through:

  • Financial and/or material aid to meet an immediate need e.g. this could include food vouchers, assistance with utility bills, food parcels, clothing or household goods, toiletries and blankets.
  • A service which assists people to identify the options available to them in response to their needs.

Our program offers direct assistance to people with dignity and compassion, while encouraging strategies towards self-reliance and resilience through referrals and budgeting. We can assist people in the areas of Kingston, Huon, Cygnet, Hobart City and Bridgewater/Gagebrooke.

What we’re Talkin’ bout (and loving):

Re-usable Straws and Keep Cups

“It’s quite amazing to think that a plastic straw will get around 20 minutes of use before being thrown away. That is an incredibly small lifespan for a product that will be on the planet forever. They are not biodegradable, cannot be recycled, and may contain BPA.

Plastic constitutes 90% of all trash floating in the world’s oceans
and straws are among the top 10 marine debris items!”
– Quote biome

Something majority of us wouldn’t even think about and how scary! We are all about keeping Hobart beautiful and after receiving a re-usable straw as a gift there is no going back to plastic straws, an easy fix to a big problem! Same goes for our coffee cups, especially if you are guilty for multiple coffees throughout the day to get you buy! You will find Hobart is all for ditching the non recyclable coffee cups and lids and will give you a discount on your coffee when you hand over your re-usable mug! Double bonus!